Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla will unveil its much anticipated SUV crossover, Model W, on March 14 at a ceremony in Los Angeles, California.

Tesla will unveil its new model electric vehicle, On March 14, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, tweeted an SUV crossover called Model Y, today.

Whatever Alon Musk has tweeted so far, we know that it will be made on model 3 and will grow approximately 10%, it will cost 10% more, and the flagship will have a lower range than Tesla Sedan because it will use it. Model 3’s battery, despite excess weight.

Musk has said that the doors will be similar to the model 3, and not the Falcon Doors like Model X, the Electra Blog said.

According to the previous statements of Musk on this issue, the design for model Y was finalized last year. Musk has earlier said that Tesla’s plan is to make model 3 and now Model Y both in Reno Gigafactory, with which Volume Production will start next year.

In addition to model Y, Musk also tweeted that Tesla’s V3.0 Supercharger station will be live on Wednesday this week and will be available to the public.

With the announcement of last month that the SEC was registering a complaint with the judge of a U.S. District Court that Elon Musk had violated the terms of his negotiation with the Securities Regulatory Authority, Tesla’s CEO In the form, the recent outbreak Tesla’s good news could not have come in better time.

With the announcement of the previous week that Tesla Model 3 will finally be available for $ 35,000 prior to encouragement, Tesla said, the strategic goal was set by the company for itself and did so much faster than expected.

For more variety in Tesla’s line-up, it is certain to present a new model of the vehicle with already eager people and an SUV crossover should be sold as Model 3, with the production of it to prevent unexpected complications. Which has stopped its model lineup in the past.


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