Facebook shares fell Friday by 5% on Friday, about three months after the surprise of Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, at a time when the company was being investigated again to deal with privacy, extremism and political content. is. .

Cox, a Wall Street favorite who has worked with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for 13 years, led the business development team of the social network and helped define the business model of its messaging service WhatSAPE.

“We believe that Cox has played an important role in establishing FB’s mission, values ​​and culture, and it was considered very well inside and outside the company, including Wall Street,” JPMorgan analysts in a research note written.

In addition, the Vice President of Whatsapp, Chris Daniel, has been abandoned, adding a string of recent high-profile exits from Facebook’s product and communication teams.

Following large-scale shootout video footage live streamed and widely shared online in New Zealand, Facebook, Twitter and Google were facing another round of public discussions on extremist content on their platforms on Friday.

Clement Thibault said, “Live-streaming of New Zealand’s shooting will definitely bring more questions on regulation and investigation on Facebook. It has provided a platform for today’s horrific attack and will undoubtedly help in spreading it.” Analyst at Investing.com, the platform of global financial markets.

The gunman, who was part of the attacks of 49 people in New Zealand, broadcast live footage on Facebook’s attack on a mosque, due to which more content moderation was called by the social network.

Britain’s Interior Minister Sajid Javid said that social media firms should take action to stop extremism on their channels after Friday’s shooting.

Javid wrote on Twitter, “You really need to do more @YouTube @Google @facebook @Twitter to stop promoting violent extremism on your platforms.”
Social media companies have said that they will take down the content involved in the mass shootings, which were posted online after the attack.

Facebook is investing heavily to remove duplicate content from its platform and has employed thousands of employees to moderate the content and suspended hundreds of suspicious accounts in different countries.

In the afternoon trade, the company’s shares were down 2.5% to $ 165.83.

This story is published with a wire agency feed without the modifications of the text.


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