COVID 19 has not just brought about a pandemic, but an infodemic as well. Social media websites have been taking measures to combat the spread of misinformation about the virus, while also trying to solidify sources that have been preaching accurate knowledge.

Along similar lines, Twitter has now announced that it will be making changes to its infamous verification process, to aid sources that are passing credible information during these trying times.

The company made the announcement in a series of tweets, claiming that it has verified hundreds of accounts already. It also explained the process through which people working with public health organizations or academic institutions can get their accounts verified.

“We are prioritizing verification for Twitter accounts that have an email address associated with an authoritative organization or institution,” the company wrote. “Please also ensure your Twitter bio references (and links to) the institution you are associated with, and that the page you link to includes a reference back to your Twitter account.”

The company has also cutting down on misinformation, taking aggressive measures to take down the spread of misinformation and pseudo scientific facts. It announced that it would be taking down tweets that contained made up facts and data, to ensure that only quality news reaches the masses.

“We’ll likely share a link to an intake form soon for experts to fill out to request verification too– just working on way to better separate likely noise from signal,” said Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour, implying that the company might open up a public-facing form that will allow health experts to directly request verification from Twitter.

This is one of the few times Twitter has been open to public input for verification, as the platform has usually kept the process discreet and very opaque. The steps being taken by the company show the seriousness of the issue at hand, which forced a company like Twitter, which is excruciatingly stubborn about its policies, to open up and adapt.


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