One of the latest standards published, AIS-140, is related to ARAI Intelligent Transport System (ITS). This applies to both the standard vehicle as well as the overall ecosystem of public transport. The provision of standards for equipment level approval has been made; To establish the specifications of new equipment. Device-level approval is required to enable retro-fitment of ITS systems on in-use vehicles. This will ensure ITS backend control center infrastructure, which already exists with STUs, can be used more fully and investment in backend control center infrastructure can be made more viable.

What is AIS 140?

AIS-140 is being implemented across the country for all public transport vehicles starting from April 1, 2018.

Broadly speaking, AIS 140 defines the need for safety and security facility for all public transport vehicles. It defines that all such vehicles should be specifically fitted with GPS tracking devices for vehicle location tracking and also known as the work of a mandatory emergency button called Panic Button or SOS Button.

When it comes into implementation, and considering that AIS 140 is implemented properly, it can bring a complete revolution in Indian transport, especially in case of overall security. In a country like India where women’s protection is especially such a big issue in certain states, technology can help ensure that everyone feels safe on the road.

There are many specifications (~ 30 specs) under the AIS-140 for GPS tracking devices, some of which we have listed here:

Location Tracking via Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS / NavIC)
    Communicate with backbend NV server for PVT data
    Dual IP addresses for PVT data and emergency response
    Alert ID when pressing emergency button
    4 hours internal battery back-up
    Unique ID or IMEI Number
    Register vehicle for device
    é SIM
    Work between 8VDC to 32VDC
    Assisted GPS
    3 axis accelerator and gyroscope
    Multi-slot GPRS

Who affects AIS-140 and how?

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), all passenger transport vehicles, including taxi and buses, are essentially equipped with GPS devices starting from 1st April, 2018.

Make in India GPS device manufacturer like Volta IoT Solutions Pvt Ltd has invested in vehicle safety and security solutions with its technology partner Ublox. He has already developed the AIS140 compliant tool hardware under its flagship brand TranSync. They can be the right type partners for such fleet conversion project for state transport undertakings.

Of the various standards defined in AIS140, only the vehicle tracking aspect and the emergency button or panic button or SOS button has been selected by the government for enforcement. Given the government’s pressure on road safety and pushing it back down from a few quarters, considering its apparent intentions to implement these standards, it is best that the following organizations start planning to include this standard in their fleet:

    State Transportation Undertaking – Inter-city and Intra-city
    Private Bus Operators – Inter and Intra Cities
    Owner of car and bus taxi fleet or operator (corporate fleet)
    Schools, colleges and institutional (corporate) bus operators
    Taxi taxi operator
    Taxi service provider
    Self-propelled car rental operator

Why is U-Blox technology the best?

U and blox is a global leader in wireless communications and position semiconductor and modules for industrial, automotive and consumer markets. With more than a decade of experience working with the automotive industry, You have blox has positioned itself as a leading provider of GNSS technology for the growing automotive market.

Many new comers tech startups are the technology oriented companies to bring best in the AIS-140 compliant equipments and solutions for the Indian market. The main aspect of U-Blox technology from A-140 perspective is that, they have invested in developing a roadmap with specific features in their module to address AIS-140 specifications. Some of the key features of this roadmap are:

Highest accuracy between IRNSS (NavIC) compatible module (<1 mt accuracy using L1 and L5)
    High sensitivity of -167 DBM which provides greater accuracy
    The smallest available IRNSS module, which is 17.0 x 22.4mm short.
    First in the market with 12 bands, double frequency
    High availability with precision up to centimeter level
    Dead rotation options for situations in challenging situations
    High security with anti-jamming and spoofing

Who can you contact to be AIS-140 compliant?

There are also a few handful OEMs who have invested in developing AIS 140 compliant GPS tracker with Panic Button. These OES have qualified their devices by lineup in AARI and ICATO.

Many brands not only provides AIS-140 compliant equipments, but also all other tracking needs for GPS trackers like:

  • Fleet management solution:
  • Logical management
  • Mining management
  • Oil and Natural Gas Fleet Management
  • Insurance management – with advanced analysis of driver behavior
  • solid waste management
  • Two Wheeler Tracking – For Sales Force Management
  • warehouse Management
  • For Three Wheel Vehicles- Hailing Apps
  • Asset Management – Person of Interest (Poi), for Cargo and Logistics Management

There are a lot of software service providers who will integrate these AIS 140 compliant equipments on their vehicle tracking platforms and provide different packages for end customers.

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