Facebook has partnered with Facebook Fact-Checking Network and groups to review the authenticity of the news being broadcasted on the forum before the general elections in India.

New partnerships expand platform capacity and oversee several languages ​​such as English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam and Marathi.

Today Group, Vishvas.news, Factly, Newsmobile, and Fact Crescendo are new Facebook partners. New partners are certified by an International Fact-Check Network.

Facebook pages and websites that repeatedly share false stories, will have the ability to confiscate and advertise. Their distribution on the platform will be reduced to 80 percent.

Stories marked as false will be placed at the bottom of the news feed. Partners will also be able to write an article on different posts that are rated incorrectly, provide more data and logic about it.

“We are committed to fighting the spread of false news on Facebook, especially before the 2019 general election campaign season. And one way to do this is to increase our partnership with third-party fact-checkers, “Manish Khanduri, News Partnership Head, Facebook India told CNBC



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